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Arizona Geeks

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All Members , Moderated
Finally a group for the compy geeks of Arizona! Talk about it all here: Gadgets, gizmos, internet culture, operating systems, toys, events, buy/sell/trade, job opportunities, etc. etc. If you want opinions on the latest technology, local retailers, or ideas

Simple rules:
  • Images larger than banner-sized need to be behind cut tags.
  • Topical flame wars are allowed, but getting personal (and posting personally identifiable/inflammatory comments) is not.
  • Warnings are followed by bans.
  • Don't post links to your eBay auction. Give the local crowd a shot at it first.
  • Posts about hot sale items are OK, but don't cross the line into "spam."
  • Off-topic trolls are bad. Posts about how geeks will never get laid will get you banned (for lying!)
  • This is not a tech support community. There are plenty of others like that like linuxsupport
  • We all know Microsoft sucks. We don't have to post about it every day.
  • Common sense on the rest, people.