krzysztof (krzysztof78) wrote in azgeeks,

need neighborhood advice

Hello! I've just accepted a job in Phoenix and I start in three weeks. The problem is I live halfway across the country and I have no idea where I should start looking for apartments. I want to live close to work, if possible (I-17 @ Indian School Rd.). Everyone I've talked to seems kind of scared of that area, and the city in general, but I don't want to live in the suburbs and deal with a 30+ minute commute everyday. I've lived in a lot rougher places and don't mind living in a lower income area as long as it has some character and things to do. Can anyone help me with neighborhoods to check out. I liked the Tempe area because of the college atmosphere, but I think it's a little too far to drive every day. Is there anything like Tempe in the city?

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